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... The Kankakee City Fire Department...

Minimum Occupational Requirements…
  • Good Moral Character
  • High School Graduate
  • No Felony Convictions
  • Ability to Pass Physical Agility Test
  • Ability to Pass written Exam
  • Ability to Pass Drug Screening

Desirable But Not Required…

  • Certified as an EMT-A, I or P
  • Associate Degree in Fire Science of EMS
  • Illinois Certified Firefighter II or III
  • Experience in firefighting and/or EMS

The new firefighter will be trained in 22 subject areas during a probationary period of one year and will attain the level of Certified Firefighter II. This will involve local training programs, and, if necessary, classes will be taken outside of the immediate area.

It is a fire department's job to maintain a state of readiness, and to be effective and efficient when called. In order to achieve the above goals, consistent training is required.

During 2007, the Kankakee Fire Department used a variety of methods and resources to train its personnel. Among these methods were in-service classroom training, practical skill evolutions, fire training videos and movies, along with written and oral exams, and independent study programs. Several resources used throughout the past year were: The Training Division of the Kankakee Fire Department, Kankakee Community College, University of Illinois Fire Service Institute, State Fire Marshal's Office, Consumer Illinois Water Company, Metro Wastewater Utility, St. Mary's Hospital, Riverside Medical Center, Code Enforcement, Onguard Training Systems, and American Heat Videos.

By fulfilling these training procedures, and all the requirements necessary through testing, both mentally and physically, and through favorable evaluations from the shift commandar and chief, a firefighter can continue through the ranks to that of Class I Firefighter. The time period between the classes for purpose of advancement is a minimum of six (6) months upon the recommendation of the Fire Chief, lasting the first three years of employment.

Additional requirements for Class I includes the successful completion of EMT-A training and attendance of all advanced EMS Classes (EMT-I, P) required by the K.F.D.

First Class firefighters will continue in-service training, special schools and seminars. Also it is recommended that the firefighter enroll at the college level to take fire related courses and to further prepare himself for his occupation.

In-service training for the year 2007, totaled 13,603 training hours. This was training completed by all three shifts, the Fire Prevention Bureau, and the administrative staff of the department.

The Kankakee Fire Department is proud of the high degree of trained and dedicated manpower they are providing the City of Kankakee.

Employment on the Kankakee Fire Department may be sought in one of two ways.

The first method can be used by any person regardless of experience. It involves completing an application, taking and passing a written test, passing a physical ability test and an oral interview. Applicants are then scored according to their performance and placed on a list in an order reflecting their overall score.

The second and most frequently used method is Lateral Hiring. In order to be considered for lateral hiring a candidate must meet all of the basic requirements, be an Illinois Certified Firefighter II, and an Illinois Certified Paramedic. These applicants are then interviewed by the fire chief and fire commissioners. They may be offered employment in any order.

All successful applicants who are made a conditional offer of employment are then required to pass a background check along with psychological and physical examinations.

The City of Kankakee is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all minorities and women are encouraged to apply.

Click here to view the KFD Hiring Process.
Last Updated ( Aug 26, 2008 at 02:28 PM )
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